the riddler posterThe Riddler

Riddle me this,

Riddle me that,

Who’s afraid of the big black bat?

***£75 per hour/room***

***2-6 players per room***

Please note this game is only available in our Glasgow location.

Difficulty rating:


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The Riddler

Glasgow is on red alert after rumours have emerged that a terrorist threat is imminent. Authorities have received information that the elusive criminal known only as “The Riddler” has placed a bomb somewhere in the city. Bomb disposal officers from the Glasow Counter Terrorist Unit have scoured the city and discovered a location which they suspect contains the explosive. However, the room in question is laden with padlocks and strange symbols. Through fear of the unknown these officers have retreated. You and your team of specialists have been called upon to work through the maze of puzzles and defuse the bomb before chaos ensues. You have one hour.

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