Escape Rooms Glasgow

Can you solve the murder of Detective James Bradley? Can you find your way out of the ancient tomb? Or maybe you will find yourself back in the trenches of 1942. There’s definitely something for everyone and we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed!
72 Hydepark street, Glasgow, G3 8BW

We have opened the UK’s biggest escape room venue right here in Glasgow. At 16000sq feet of escape pleasure, you are sure to get lost in many rooms over the next year as, in addition to our 3 current rooms listed below, we will be opening up even more new fantastic rooms throughout 2019.

Each game is designed to challenge your inner detective and we are sure you will love the themes we have in store for you.

Every room has the same principles. Solve the puzzles, clues and riddles. Find the exit and escape. All in 60 minutes. One tip, THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.




You have been recruited to join the armed forces in 1942. You must survive the trenches and complete

General McLaren’s secret mission in order to earn an honourable discharge and get back to your family in one piece

Don’t forget your helmet though! There is a war going on!

Anyone prone to having seizures or bouts of epilepsy please inform our staff before your game starts. Anyone afraid of the dark we suggest you choose another room.

escape rooms glasgow

It’s 1942

You have been drafted

Will you fight or will you run?

Only you can decide.


***£95 per hour/room***

***4-8 players per room***


The Lost Tomb

Far beneath the sands of Cairo, lies an ancient tomb. As part of an elite group of archaeologists, you have the honour of being one of the first people to step foot inside for the very first time since it was sealed thousands of years ago. Unfortunately, the structure turns out to be very unstable and you find yourself trapped after the doorway collapses

Slowly running out of air, you and your crew must find a way to the surface before it’s too late!

Will you make it out in time?

Glasgow Egyptian escape room. egyptain room escape glasgow





Trapped beneath the walls of the great Pyramids

The air is getting thin

Will you find your way out in time?

** Room for 2-6 players **

Up to 60 minutes in the Tombs

Cost £75





CSI Glasgow

There’s been a murder!

The body of Officer James Bradley was found last night outside the police station. The camera’s outside the station were vandalised recently, so no one knows what happened to him, only that he was attacked with some sort of blunt object. 

His fellow officers are on the hunt to find out the truth. But Scotland Yard has called on you and your team to come in with a fresh set of eyes, as they suspect some of the officers on hand may be too emotional to look at the case objectively.

Get your detective hats on.

Step into the crime scene and solve the case!

CSI GLASGOW escape room, escape csi glasgow



Step into the role of detective and

uncover the truth!

Time is ticking

This case needs solved now!

***£95 per hour/room***

***4-8 players per room***