Escape Rooms Dundee

We have 4 uniquely different themed rooms that will have you enthralled in a world of mystery and excitement.
Escape the hidden mine in Gold Rush. Battle the high seas in Black Pearl. Dive into the world of artificial intelligence in C.A.R.A. Or fight for your survival in Kidnapped!
Come along and find out what makes us #1 on TripAdvisor! 
Balgray Place, Dundee, DD3 8SH

Each game is designed to challenge your inner detective.

Every room has the same principles. Solve the puzzles, clues and riddles. Find the key and escape. All in 60 minutes. One tip THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.




C.A.R.A is the world’s most intelligent artificial life form. The scientists that created her believe she is a threat, and therefore cannot permit her existence. In 1 hour, she is scheduled for deconstruction. You and your team must find a way to save her from her fate. She is currently being kept in a secret lab in Dundee, hidden within Balgray place. If you fail to find her in time, she will be destroyed. Will you save her? It’s time to make a choice

CARA logo copyC.A.R.A

60 Minutes to add your

final touches to Cara.

Will you succeed?

2-6 players

£75 per room.





Black Pearl

The Jolly Roger is flying high. The anchor has been raised. It’s time to set sail!
Somewhere aboard the Black Pearl lies the heart of Davy Jones, and he will stop at nothing to see it returned. You and your crew are trapped below deck. You must find the heart and escape the ship before the time runs out. If you are captured, you will be thrown to the depths of Davy Jones’ locker. Will you make it out in time?
When you step inside this room, you will find yourself enthralled in the enchanting world of pirates, buccaneers and gold doubloons. You are no longer in the streets of Dundee, you will truly believe you are on a courageous adventure on an 18th century pirate ship.


black pearl logo copyBlack Pearl

You have 60 minutes to

retrieve Davy Jones heart.

Will you make it out in time?

2-6 players

£75 per room.





Blindfolded. Locked away. How did this happen?
You and your friends have awoken to find yourselves locked in your worst nightmare. With no idea where you are, or why this is happening to you, you have 60 minutes to play a twisted game of life or death and escape the clutches of your kidnapper.

Will you make it out alive?



Strictly over 16 years old only!

Awake. Alone. Afraid

Kidnapped and left to die, you have

one chance to escape!

You have one chance to Survive!

2-6 players

£75 per room

Anyone prone to having seizures or bouts of epilepsy, please inform our staff before your game starts. Anyone afraid of the dark, we suggest you choose another room.




Gold Rush

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It’s off to work we go

Dundee’s hidden gold mine is a wondrous cave full of enchanting twists and turns, there are regularly scheduled tours which take place with experienced guides. However, seeking a little adventure in your lives, you and your team decide to sneak in and explore it yourselves .

Upon entering the gold mine, you hear a rumble coming from behind you, then all of a sudden there is a terrible crash, an avalanche of rocks has fallen over the entrance, trapping you all inside! One of the guides once told you that if this was to ever happen, there would only be enough air to survive for approx. one hour

You have 60 minutes to dig, dig, dig your way out and get back to the surface.

The clock is ticking…

Gold Rush

In the depths of the mine, you find

yourself trapped.

You have 60 minutes to get to the surface

before the air runs out!

2-6 players

£75 per room

60 minutes, one goal, ESCAPE

*** flat shoes must be worn in this room***