Castle Alba

Escape Room Stirling

It’s the year 1314. The Scottish towns are in turmoil. The Knights of Castle Alba have all travelled to Bannockburn to aid in the ongoing battle. However, enemy soldiers have discovered that Castle Alba lies unprotected and are on their way to lay siege to the castle and its civilians.

With the walls unguarded, the Knights gone and the enemy approaching the gates, you realise that there is nothing left to do but save everyone inside

You must find your way through the castle and lead your people to safety



2 – 6 players (recommended 4 players)

Recommended for 

Escape room game newbies & veteran players alike.

Suitable for adults and kids aged 8+

Mission Type

Hi-tech escape room with a mixed linear and non-linear set-up.

Perfect for keeping everyone on your team busy.

Difficulty Rating

3/5 stars

Record Time


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